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π“Šπ“‹Ό Mushroom Bed π“‹Όπ“Š

I got lazy with one of those spray and grow mushroom kits so I decided to give outdoor mushroom beds a shot. I picked up some wood chips, soaked them in boiling water and then broke up the mushroom kits and mixed them in with the chips.

All this was several months ago and I assumed that it had been a fail so I hadn’t been checking on them. The other day I found some mushrooms that were well past their prime so that gave me some hope. I also saw a lot of mycelium throughout.

Checked the other day and saw these little oysters poking through. I’m planning to get some more spawn and some more chips to fluff the bed up before spring to hopefully improve the yield. The conditions lately haven’t been great for them but I’m excited for spring.

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