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Whirlwind Attack in Shadowdark RPG

Dungeon Master

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a Shadowdark RPG session with a group of players new to the game. One player happened to roll a fighter with a barbarian background.

During our first combat encounter, they attempted a “dual wield whirlwind attack” against two nearby enemies. The dice rolled in their favor, and damage was dealt. The excitement was contagious, and it became clear that this tactic would be revisited in future battles.

Inspired by their creativity and after discussing it with the community, I’ve crafted a simple set of guidelines for the “Whirlwind Attack” feat:

Whirlwind Attack allows you to strike opponents within close range with a spinning attack.

When using this attack, you forfeit move actions during your turn. This attack is considered reckless and opponents gain an advantage roll on their next attack.

The DC for the attack is the opponent’s AC + 2.

I believe this feat could be introduced as an additional talent roll for fighters or a passive trait exclusively for fighters with a barbarian background. While it grants the advantage of striking opponents within close range with a spinning attack, it comes at a cost. Players must forfeit their movement and grant enemies an advantage on their next attack. As a result, this attack style can prove highly deadly to the player, making it more effective at higher levels or against localized enemies in critical conditions.

I want to extend my gratitude to the wonderful community for their valuable input and collaborative spirit in developing this “Whirlwind Attack” ruleset. I’ll continue to playtest this and many other creative additions to our adventures that will undoubtedly spark more excitement and innovation in our games.

May your future journeys be filled with thrilling moments and endless creativity in the tabletop realm!

Happy adventuring!




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